Now I have started to tick off a larger number of courses in Sussex, I’m going to keep a ‘Top 10’ list of the ones that I have played. This will be regularly updated as and when I play more!

I also have a wish list of courses that I would like to play. If you have any further recommendations, or can help me in ticking off some on the wish list, do get in touch either through the comments section or Social Media!

Date: 03/09/2017

Top 10 Courses I’ve Played in Sussex


  1. Seaford Head Golf Club
  2. Cottesmore Hotel Golf & Country Club
  3. Pyecombe Golf Club
  4. Dyke Golf Club
  5. Seaford Golf Club
  6. Lewes Golf Club
  7. East Brighton Golf Club
  8. Mid Sussex Golf Club
  9. Ifield Golf Club
  10. West Hove Golf Club

Top 10 Wish List Sussex

  1. West Sussex Golf Club
  2. Rye Golf Club
  3. Crowborough Beacon Golf Club
  4. Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club
  5. Piltdown Golf Club
  6. Goodwood Golf Club – Downs Course
  7. Mannings Heath Golf Club – Waterfall Course
  8. East Sussex National Golf Club – West Course
  9. Littlehampton Golf Club
  10. East Sussex National Golf Club – East Course

Let me know what makes your lists?

The Sussex Golfer

16 thoughts on “My Favourite Courses in Sussex (September 2017)

  1. Having played 7 of your top ten I can’t really disagree with the list….The Dyke and East Brighton stand out but Seaford Head is just great fun and great value too and that 18th never gets any less exciting stood on the tee. Of your wishlist I’ve only played Littlehampton which I must say I loved.
    Another one you should try is Royal Eastbourne, played it this week for the first time and really liked it, my favourite course this year I think.


  2. Played West Sussex twice and it’s in a different league in quality and challenge.
    Slinfold Golf and Country Club has greatly impressed me in the standard of greens and is an all round excellent course. This course would be in my favourite 10 played this year. Goodwood Downs and Mannings Heath also great inland courses to make the top 10.
    Must play Littlehampton heard a lot of good feedback from my fellow golfers.


    1. Hi Will,

      Glad to hear more good things about some of the courses on my wish list! Will also have to take a look at Slinfold! Thanks for the recommendations- keep an eye on my social media pages to see some pictures as I tick more courses off!


  3. Interesting top 10! I’ve played most from both lists and would say there are still a few gems out there you’ll enjoy.
    West Sussex GC is worth every bit of the green fee. Both ESN courses are great, West is my favourite. I would also recommend Copthorne is playing very well at the moment.

    I flicked back through some older post to see if there’s a profile about your golf but couldn’t see anything. Would be interested to hear about your standard of play.

    P.s also if you ever need any help with tidying up your WordPress blog URL’s I’m a WP web designer by day.


    1. Hi Simon,

      As you can see I’ve still got quite a lot to work through in Sussex so I’m sure the top 10 will be different in a few months! It’s always good to explore new courses!

      Thanks for your recommendations and comments- will definitely give Copthorne a look!

      I’ll look to add a profile of my game at somepoint. I’m not a member at a club as I like to play lots of different places. I put my scores through an online handicap tracker which puts me at a 13hcp currently- so plenty of work to be done!

      Thanks for the offer – if you could drop me a message on social media I’d be interested to hear your recommendations regarding WordPress!


    1. I have not unfortunately! It’s just over an hour from where I’m based and I’ve probably got 20-25 courses closer. I’m working at it though! I follow them on social media and it does look good! I’m sure I’ll make the trip up Tunbridge Wells direction one day!


  4. Don’t see Cowdray mentioned. Great views, testing course, great condition and good fast greens. Better than all Sussex courses I’ve played (and I’ve played most of them!) except WS.


    1. Hi Will, thanks for your recommendation. Not had the chance to get out there to play yet, but did drive past it 3 weekends back on my way to somewhere in Hampshire, and from what I could see it looks nice (backed up by their website). Again, I’m sure it is one I’ll tick off at some point but might not get there until next year now! It’s definitely part of the extended wish list which keeps getting longer with all the ones that keep getting added!


  5. It’s all in the eye of the beholder I suppose. Because while the 18th and cliff top holes are quite fun I would say the quility and challenge at Seaford Golf Club far outweighs The Head.

    There is a reason the SSS is 3/4 shoots lower at the head and 1 shot higher at Seaford Golf Club.

    All of that when coupled with the practice facilities and a proper club house (not just a conference centre) would make it featur higher that The Head to me.

    As I say as th top it’s only your view and I guess it’s more about what you value in a club.

    If you like funky holes go the par 3 drop hole at Brighton and Hove Club or the sleeper walled par 3 at willingdon

    Keep up the blogging pal.


    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, always interested to hear other opinions.

      For me it is all about the enjoyment. I played them both on the same cracking day in the middle of August, and I felt that there was more variation at Seaford Head Golf Club than at Seaford, which contributes to the higher ranking. Every hole at Seaford was solid, but I just felt it missed a couple of real stand out holes that were memorable. I also feel that Seaford Head offers outstanding value and that the greenkeepers have done a fantastic job, and the place isn’t recognisable as a municipal course.

      Each to their own and all that. Thanks for getting in touch!


  6. An interesting read! As you alluded, much of the opinion is moment in time stuff. I played Seaford Head a couple of weeks ago, and it was the best weather for a late summer, max 10 MPH wind, which is nothing for that place, and the greens were decent, although a bit slow. It was great, but never a contender as the best in my opinion, when there are places such as West Sussex, ESN, Mannings Heath etc. It’s no coincidence the European Challenge Tour visited the latter 2 this year. Also so much can depend on where the green keepers are with their maintenance schedules. Many things can influence a golfer’s rating. Nice to see you liked Cottesmore though. There are few up to date reviews of the course since the new layout.
    Keep it up mate, I look forward to seeing your league table change!



    1. Hi Joe,

      Just had such fun the day I played it, lots of different shots to hit and felt it tested all parts of my game, in addition to the fact that it was in great condition and the views were fantastic. As highlighted, it is based on the courses that I’ve played at the time of writing, and I’m looking to tick off as many of the more traditional ‘favourites’ as soon as possible.
      Thanks for the kind words. Continue to keep an eye on my various Social Media channels for latest pictures and reviews!


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