2018, and the golf bug is well and truly back. A year which will be remembered for the driest and warmest of summers in many a year, turning courses the length and breadth of the country from a lovely shade of plush green, to a burnt out yellowy/brown in most parts; followed by one of the wettest autumns.

Following on from my 2017 review, this is a deep look into my game during the year 2018, working out what has gone well, and frankly… what hasn’t!

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My 2018 Year in Numbers starts with two key stats that are part of my @thesussexgolfer journey of trying to play as many courses as I can within the county. Despite being away for the best part of 6 weeks during prime golf season with work, I still managed to tick off a whole bunch of courses, and get a decent amount of golf in during 2018

Rounds Played : 39.5

Courses Played : 30

Shots Hit : 3347


As with last year, I know the below number might seem high, but when expressed as a percentage it doesn’t seem too bad. Out of the 3347 shots hit in 2018, 36.8% were putts. To put this in perspective, a round in regulation would equate to 50% putts!

Putts Hit : 1234

Putts per Round : 31.64

Putts Per Hole : 1.78

The following numbers give more of a representation of how my putting actually was last year, with a putting average of less than 2 (which means I am making more birdies when hitting the green in regulation than bogies), but a 3 putt percentage of greater that 5.5%, meaning on average I am 3 putting more than once per round! #3PuttLife

Putts Per GIR : 1.96

Putters Per Missed GIR : 1.68

3 Putt Percentage : 8.95%

Fairways and Greens

Two areas which continue to need some major work if I am to take my game to the next level: FIR % and GIR %. I have been wayward at times off the tee in 2018, and as a direct result, often the green is unachievable as I have left myself hacking out of rough or punching sideways. Both being just over the 30% mark leaves a lot to be desired.

Average FIR% : 34.21%

Average GIR% : 33.04%

Scoring Averages

One of the stats that I have started to pay more attention to in 2017 was Scoring Averages.

Previously, when trying to break 90 back in the day, I found it useful to try and get 5 on every hole, with a couple below where I could to get into the 80s. At the time, I didn’t realise how many shots I was wasting on par 3s!

Since starting to pay more attention to how I do in relation to par on each type of hole, it has really helped me see the importance of scoring well on the par 3s, and how they can turn an average round to a great round.

Par 3s continue to remain a strength for me, with my Scoring average continuing to creep down from last year’s levels.

Scoring Average Par 3 : 3.56

Scoring Average Par 4 : 4.99

Scoring Average Par 5 : 5.82

Scoring Average : 86.76 (+15.6)

Hole Performance

Pars : 263 (37.95%)

Birdies : 37 (5.34%)

Eagles : 0

The important ones!

One of the main numbers people want to know when they’re talking about people’s golf games… handicap.

So, I finished 2018 with an (unofficial) handicap of 10.4, a reduction of -2.8 from the start of the year. Does this mean I am playing better golf? At times. Am I managing my game better? Absolutely. There is a lot more method in the madness these days, and I think that is one of the main attributes to my success this year. Does this mean I am shooting more consistently? No, 2018 has served up rounds of 73 (+4) and 101 (+30), and nearly everything in between! And that’s the beauty of golf!

Handicap : 10.4

Best Round : 73 (+4) Dale Hill Golf Club – Old Course 13/08/2018

Worst Round : 102 (+30) Rusper Golf Club 25/03/2018