Sussex and Kent based charity, Melanoma Fund is looking to raise awareness and tackle of the most dangerous ‘hazards’ that has an increasing presence of the golf course; Skin Cancer.

With numbers playing golf at their highest levels in recent years due to knock on effects of the epidemic, with a combination of the Furlough scheme and increased numbers working from home allowing increased leisure time for many, now is the ideal time for golfers and golf clubs to unite in the fight against Skin Cancer, and send it out of bounds for good!

Golf is a particularly high risk sport for Skin Cancer (even with British Summers!), due to the prolonged UV exposure during a round in an environment typically devoid of shade. When writing this piece, I was amazed to hear that in the UK, Melanoma rates have more than doubled in my lifetime (30 years), and it is the fastest rising form of cancer, and it has definitely made me think a lot more about my routine when playing golf.

What can we do about it? Well, Melanoma Fund launched it’s Slip! Slap! Swing! program back in 2019, offering a FREE accreditation to golf clubs who are able to meet a short list of requirements, such as raising awareness of the campaign, and having sunscreen available for purchase within the shop. It is such a simple thing for golf clubs and individuals to do in order to raise awareness and make the sport safer for all, there is no reason for clubs not to join the initiative!

If you work at a golf club, or are a member of a golf club within Sussex, please share this post with the club to help raise awareness and make a difference!

For more information, check out or @MelanomaFund on Instagram for more information. Just be sure to let them know I sent you!

Image courtesy of Melanoma Fund

The Sussex Golfer

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